Joyful Jungle Designs

Flower Collection

This collection is inspired by the raw natural beauty that you find here in Belize.  There is a road from our village to the nearest town and when certain trees are in bloom you can not help but lose yourself in awe when you see them.

Happy Hibiscus

These pink hibiscus petals come to life in this set.  These were dipped so that petals kept their original shape and have been frozen in time. 


Joyful Verbena

The tiny garden verbena flowers are thing of beauty.  We were able to fit three of these bright pink five petal flowers in each earring.



I recently bought a pair of earrings from Danielle. These are the most unique and beautiful earrings I think I've ever owned. I love that since they are butterfly wings they are truly one of a kind.


Customer for life

I saw these earrings at a booth at the recent Agriculture Show in San Antonio this year. I really wish I could have bought one than just a couple of pairs. These are amazing.


Happy Customer

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